Privacy Policy

Short and Sweet Privacy Policy

  • Stylish Glass Panels (we, our etc.) is owned by Frozen Mammoth Limited;
  • we do not collect personal data (including IP addresses) of site visitors without their consent;
  • our site cookies and sessions for visitors only store basic usability information, such as currency preferences and shopping basket information, as well as Google Analytics cookies (see below);
  • we do not store credit card information;
  • we do not share your information with any third parties;
  • when making a purchase, we only collect essential information needed to complete the order and this information is then stored for customer service purposes;
  • all information we have on you will be deleted at your request by asking us via the the email account that you used to make the order/register with;
  • if you register with us on checkout, your IP address and activity on our site is recorded whilst you are logged in;
  • you can purchase without registering with us using the 'guest checkout' option, thus not having your IP address recorded;
  • as a registrant, you can stop your activity being recorded by logging out or by unregistering/contacting us to delete your information;
  • newsletter subscribers will have their email addresses stored (obviously) and you can unsubscribe at any point to be removed from the newsletter database;
  • the Google Analytics tracking code used to monitor site traffic has the 'anonymize_ip' option activated in order to anonymise your IP address.